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From the latter half of the 20th century, “The Digital Revolution” has started. Cryptocurrencies are gaining momentum in the Public for the last decade so, indeed it is here to stay. Everything is now digitalized; documentations, buying, selling, and the currency. The most sparkling is crypto the digital currency in all the digital revolution. And took the place in the financial market rapidly. The middle east countries are now also enjoying the crypto transactions as the whole world. “We want to be at the forefront of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. We missed the first and second,” says David Parker, co-chief investment officer at the Bahrain Economic Development Board (BEDB).

Initially, the government of many countries in the middle east did not legalize crypto. As they consider it the most liquid currency. But now crypto is getting acceptability all over the Middle East as a digital asset. In early 2021 the global crypto market hit $1 Trillion which in comparison to 2017 is $230 billion. Here Is A very tremendous Step forward to the revolution for the Middle east world The Digital Dinar that going to be the most comfortable effortless payment method in the entire Middle East. The CEO of the DIDCOIN Digital-Dinar project is Rouven Burgel.

What is Digital Dinar- DIDCOIN?

Didcoin — digital dinar — is a new financial product for Middle East countries.

“Secure Medium of exchange for payments, trade and purchase backup by blockchain” The people who face problems in transferring minor funds internationally, DIDCOIN generates the solutions. Here are some striking attributes of DIDCOIN:

1)Didcoin makes it possible to do a secure investment and earn profit.

2)Didcoin gives a better opportunity to leave the unstable banking system of the Middle East. The Arab Weekly publish in April the collapsed banking system destabilizing Lebanon and the protest in all bank branches by the public is deadly. Leigh Cuen (May 2020).

3)It will boost the economy of many developed countries like Egypt, Jordan. How? Because it enters the growth phase of the business cycle of digital currency. It will take lesser time to penetrate the market of the Middle East.

4)It will easily transfer from peer to peer and globally.

5)Didcoin is compensating the high volatility of price by its existence.

6)Eco-friendly structure, A coin that does not abuse the go green policies.

There are a total of 4000 cryptocurrencies since 2021. The digital Dinar is different than other coins and payment methods as it doesn`t require any technical procedure to have it.

How to buy DIDCOIN- Digital Dinar?

The Didcoin will available like other coins on an exchange. But the person who buys from the ATM; 5%+ added to the market value to the purchaser. There is a special discount offer for hotels, gas stations, shops, stores, and restaurants. The associates of DIDCOINS are Aven, Earth 2.0, Idea, ZooTv, Code Lab, Circle


The peer-to-peer transactions with DIDCOIN charge zero fees while other services have like PayPal charges in the Middle East 3.4%.

DIDCOIN is using the blockchain means no single server storing the information in the ledger. High level of security.

The DIDCOIN also launching their app for trade and better understanding that provide authenticity and verification to user.

As newly launched DIDCOIN supply is 75,000,000. Which is not creating frustration in the economy. Didcoin is going to be the best coin in the Middle East due to its simple and amazing features.





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