Domestic Abuse And Islam

2 min readDec 5, 2022

Most of the time we don't understand the situation which lower the power of decision-making. The decision not at right time is also bad so be prompt in taking action of leaving a toxic relationship. According to the survey, 70% to 90% of women face physical, mental, and emotional violence in Pakistan. Or in the world, every 3rd woman is facing some kind of domestic abuse.

From the time you are born, you just feel fantastic but suddenly when you are involved in a relationship that not allowing you to be you.

The relation that causes less happiness more tension, abuse and disrespectfulness in front of the public or privately just needs to be rid of. Now the question is why? how? Not possible…

In Islam husband has a high status which always misleads many people. Women consider it okay if they abuse or hit her or have any extramarital affair. But it is not allowed for a man except in some situations to be hard on her. Prophet Muhammad S.A.W always preaches to be kind to your woman.

Extra martial affairs only could stop if the woman takes strict action as it is prohibited.

A woman needs to be strong financially and mentally. You need to do something to save yourself from significant loss of mental health. It's not your loss of yours but also your kids especially your daughter learning from you to live like cowards and bear the toxins.

Islam secures the right of a woman after divorce or separation.

You are born once so don't waste your life on anybody who does not care for you. Understand.




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