Globalization and poor countries

2 min readJan 23, 2021

After the world war 2 the market become global market. Products are not representing as by country name e.g., Chinese product or American product they are just Global product. Tariffs and taxes are end up for open end exchange of commodities. But! critics said over 200 of years pass to globalization the poor countries are still poor.

Why the globalization doesn`t effect their standard of livings. The reason is might be with in these countries. The countries political system and their international trade policies bound them for any improvement. Zimbabwe has been ruined By Robert Mugabe the political leader.

Vietnam , Haiti , Kenya, Syria , Cuba , Nigeria, North Korea, Afghanistan , Sudan and Libya face the same circumstances. These countries are poor and not getting the benefit due to their political set up which is Totalitarian. That means one group show where the interest of country is less important than personal interest .

Many factors has deem importance that poor country economy doesn`t surged e.g., the economic system , industrialist , unskilled labor, the politicians. Economic system which do not priorities the individual choice. I mean the command market economy.

The industrialist who do not want any competition of foreign firm which hurts their monopoly. And create a pressure for them to sustain the consumer.

The unskilled labor who can`t deal with the tech. And as the corrupt politicians and their poor dictatorship.

What so ever , their should be a law make by the supreme authorities to stop this violence. The world is rapidly growing, the internet change the pace of progress. And these countries yet not even living the common standard life.

He stood on his head
Hoping someone would give him
A slice of fresh bread (Sandra Martyres)




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