From our childhood we start learning, fortunate are those who are bless with the parents and their proper handling. The first surrounding of a person is family. We learn the ethics , the discipline , the bad manners etc. Actually I say “Learn” that means kids don`t need to tell they just pick up everything what they see. Some people are aggressive; some are rude , some are polite and some are the gold mine. Different personalities are developed due to these differences in up bringing.

YES ! I want to say exactly when you are wrong your family is automatically blamed. On the other hand some families are too humble it is unimaginable to belong a black sheep to them. It means not always you blame the upbringing some times it is the nature or something that click to the mind . Sometimes a root cause that change our behavior. Which could be awful.

Let`s cut the long story into short “One should mind his words”

The words we say they have magic in them yes , they can make some one day or break some one heart. Every one has the same organs their is no special antenna who spoke affably.

Their is 2 type of person that utter damaging words : one who is near to us and second is not too near (the known). So don`t give importance to the words they said. Now the big “Why” arise in the mind . Reason is simple “When we react we give the power to their said words”. Our mission is to spread happiness and take care of humanity. Be humble with others be kind that`s the rule that`s a good way of life.



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“Challenge your limits always” I love to write in different niches. My passion is to change the life of people who connects to you add value “