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Everyone want to look pretty in every age. Body shape give you confidence seriously it change the way of people. Let`s talk about something really working. If you are well aware of your obesity than get ready. I will not say wake up in the morning , go for jogging , eat nothing. No! I have something new to tell you.

If you really want to reduce weight than do these things it not include any restriction but a pattern to follow:

  1. Give order to your brain, sit and make a sticky note that you want to reduce weight; mandatory.
  2. Set a goal. Goal should be achievable like you can set your goal of 4 days. You will not eat in these for days more than 900 calories. That is the goal. Ultimately you shed 2 kg in 4 days. Than again reset the goal for further 4 days or week which suits you.
  3. Drink water like thirsty crow. Yes you have to do this and go for luke warm water. Take 4 empty bottles of 1.5 litter and fill them with water put them on your side table in the night. In the very next morning you have to finish the one bottle make sure it is warm. If you are living in a humid or warm surrounding than room temperature water will also work but for colder areas it is not recommended.
  4. You have to drink water when ever you feel hungry. Later on you will eat , whatever you want to eat but in the limit of 900 calories . You want to eat pizza lets have it one piece contain 285 calories and remainder is 615cl .
  5. No work out needed just try to sleep earlier . I am not saying at 7 pm but 10 pm is good so you don`t feel hungry.
  6. Last but not least don`t eat while you are watching internet , phone or any gadget. Enjoy your food completely.
  7. Again you can change by taking small steps. I loss 10 kg`s in 15 days ask me how?

That`s it

Thank you.

If you want diet recipes than do comment below.




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