After the world war 2 the market become global market. Products are not representing as by country name e.g., Chinese product or American product they are just Global product. Tariffs and taxes are end up for open end exchange of commodities. But! critics said over 200 of years pass to globalization the poor countries are still poor.

Why the globalization doesn`t effect their standard of livings. The reason is might be with in these countries. The countries political system and their international trade policies bound them for any improvement. Zimbabwe has been ruined By Robert Mugabe the political leader.


From the latter half of the 20th century, “The Digital Revolution” has started. Cryptocurrencies are gaining momentum in the Public for the last decade so, indeed it is here to stay. Everything is now digitalized; documentations, buying, selling, and the currency. The most sparkling is crypto the digital currency in all the digital revolution. And took the place in the financial market rapidly. The middle east countries are now also enjoying the crypto transactions as the whole world. “We want to be at the forefront of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. …

Everyone want to look pretty in every age. Body shape give you confidence seriously it change the way of people. Let`s talk about something really working. If you are well aware of your obesity than get ready. I will not say wake up in the morning , go for jogging , eat nothing. No! I have something new to tell you.

If you really want to reduce weight than do these things it not include any restriction but a pattern to follow:

  1. Give order to your brain, sit and make a sticky note that you want to reduce weight; mandatory.


From our childhood we start learning, fortunate are those who are bless with the parents and their proper handling. The first surrounding of a person is family. We learn the ethics , the discipline , the bad manners etc. Actually I say “Learn” that means kids don`t need to tell they just pick up everything what they see. Some people are aggressive; some are rude , some are polite and some are the gold mine. Different personalities are developed due to these differences in up bringing.

YES ! I want to say exactly when you are wrong…


“Challenge your limits always” I love to write in different niches. My passion is to change the life of people who connects to you add value “

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